Teacher’s Day

Published September 5, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I wish only two people on Teacher’s Day. One is my father another person is my lecturer (now Principal) ‘A’.

My father was a teacher (Head Master, to be precise) and he retired as an Educational Officer. We used to tease him saying it took only 12 years to finish our schooling but, he has to go to school everyday till retirement. It’s only recently I started wishing him on Teacher’s day. I always see him as my father not a teacher. 

‘A’ is the one who pushed me to the real world from my comfort zone. If not she shaped me, I would have end up being a normal girl who doesn’t know anything apart from own family. She took me places. She taught how to behave, talk and even to dress up. I just sent a message in the morning wishing her for Teacher’s Day and pat came the reply ‘Can’t you call and wish?’. Next second I called her and told I thought not to disturb her as she would be busy. She told, then you should have asked whether you can call me now or not? She is like that. She never accept my point, which I like. I like arguing with her. Even if it is for some silly thing. I just spoke to her for 2 minutes. Within that time she advised me not to be idle at home and asked me to use my time in a productive way like working somewhere/starting my own business or servicing the society (which we used to do when we were together through Rotaract Club). Then she asked me to shower my love on my husband and daughter and instructed me to meet her when I go to my place. 

I sincerely thank her for whatever she did to me. Happy Teacher’s Day Ma’am!


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