Random Thoughts – 3

Published August 31, 2014 by Bingo's Mom
  • I have not seen sun for the past 4 days. It’s raining heavily here. And at last I found one good reason to like rain. It helps to keep my skin moisture. Other wise I have extremely dry skin.
  • I realised I can cook well under pressure than planned relaxed cooking.
  • Cleaning is like therapy but cooking after cleaning is stressfull.
  • I have successfully crossed my PMS. Last one was really horrible so I decided to keep myself calm without stressing much and I am done. I hope this continues in future as well.
  • These days I am listening to music all the time. My love towards music increased suddenly.
  • Bingo’s Tamil is exactly the way how Shah Rukh Khan speaks in Chennai Express movie; ille for illa, varin for varen etc. Ivala eppadi ponniyin selvan padikka vaikka poreno, shabaa..
  • We have a group in whatsapp for our family members. I feel old when I interact with my cousins who are in college. It’s very much fun otherwise. 
  • One of my friends gave birth to a baby girl. We worked together for 4 months in Madras during 2006 and after sometime I totally lost her contact. Later, I saw her in my BIL’s wedding (during 2011) and she is bride’s anni. It was a sweet surprise for both of us. 
  • I realised happiness is expecting nothing from others/life/god. 

2 comments on “Random Thoughts – 3

  • cooking good under stress .. Now that is good if i plan to gatecrash then you will surly cook well he he he he 🙂

    and no sun for 4 days now THAT feeling I know .. being in uk we have that very often 🙂

    and the last point.. is so true.. expecting something is the main problem of being sad.. and if we take that out .. sadness goes and hapiness remains ..

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