Happy Birthday to Pillaiyar

Published August 29, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Festivals = Food. I believe festive foods are more delicious than normal day food, though it is cooked without tasting. Today I spent the whole day in preparing different kind of food and relishing it. We got one Pillaiyar statue and his birthday started with a panic as my maid informed she will not come for work. Before she finished her sentence, I cut the call and took broom to clean the house thinking I have sink full of vessels to clean as well. When I am half done with my work, she called again and informed she will come. Sigh. That’s my luck.

Today’s menu had 

  • Rice

  • Sambar

  • Cabbage curry

  • Bottle gourd kootu

  • Rasam

  • Medhu vadai

  • Paruppu payasam

  • Curd

And in the evening we had

  • Coconut kozhukkattai

  • Black channa sundal

  • Filter coffee

My stomach was so full and I thought of skipping dinner but had little rasam rice. When it comes to festival dressing up, Bingo is very much ready to get herself dressed. She will patiently wait until I put some traditional dress and some accessories to her. It lasts exactly for half an hour. First she will throw her hair band then other accessories one by one. I don’t understand this. She herself asks for it and her fun gets over within no time.

At the end of any festival day I feel happy and look forward to another 🙂 

Here are some pictures.

Photo0373 IMG_20140829_173302


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