Published August 24, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Today I spent half of the time in shopping. Buying grocery, vegetables, fruits kind of shopping, that is. While my hands picked stuff from the shop my mind was thinking so many things. What they will do the leftover milk packets which expires today. I have seen at least 30 packets. Also for pulses, oil and basically everything which has to be used within certain period of time. What they will do if it is not sold before expiry date.

Then we went out to a roadside shop to buy fruits. Vendors cut and kept each one of the fruits from different varieties to show its freshness/quality. What he will do with that cut fruit at the end of the day. Next comes the flower seller. It was around 9 p.m. when we came back home and I saw flower vendors were selling fresh flowers and he/she kept atleast 10 muzham of flowers in three variety. Will they take home or simply they will give it to their near and dear or will they put on god’s idol which is there in almost every street.

And, while entering our complex I saw a delivery guy from a restaurant. How could the restaurant guys cook exactly for the demand. I mean even if we go to restaurants, yummy hot food would be served within no time. How do they store them. What they will do with the leftovers. 

Am I thinking too much? 


6 comments on “Questions….

  • Hi BM I too used to have exact thoughts when we go for shopping. I am not sure how things are handelled in India but here in abroad almost all of left over veggies meat fish fruits all are converted to frozen or canned versions. Hencforth fresh food is much more expensive than frozen ones!
    I used to assume that left over fruits veggies meats etc goes to restaurant in India since we don’t have a canned or frozen food culture that’s so popular as in west!

  • Good questions ..I think most of it goes to waste in india. . Which is such a shame as so many go to sleep hungry and here we are wasting. .

    Flowers fruits maybe end ofnthe day they sell it half price or less to get something

    Restaurants is you carefully see most of the curries base is same..

  • the fruits part alone i know.. They will give the cut fruits for taste to any customer who esquires how the taste will be.. at times will be given without asking or if you ask they may provide… with flower seller.. they usually sell the first lot of c/f flowers and then start with the new one.. mostly they will try to sell it in the streets while they are returning home else it will surely be kept in wet cloth and sold for next day,.

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