Bucket List – Review

Published August 22, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Ok, I was going through my own blog again and again (yes, I do; often) and found this post. I thought it’s time to review them.

to buy a new bucket, no seriously. One of our buckets is broken so I need to get new one. – Yay.. I bought new bucket but err… um… after 5 months i.e. in May 😀

to visit Switzerland – Not done. Nomoneynohoney(moon).

to straighten my hair – Not done. The parlour girl asked me to show some hair in my head so that she can straighten it. I gave up.

to drive 2 & 4 wheeler – If BD is reading this, lets please skip this. Oh yeah… not done; this too.

to speak Hindi – I blame friend G (mkum… illenna mattum…). Not done.

to visit Santoshi Mata temple in Baroda – In progress. Fingers crossed.

to visit historical places of India – I visited Tanjore temple and kept it as starting point 🙂 Epdi en koil sentiment?

to drink red wine – I don’t think I have courage to do this. May I remove this? 

to live in a Chettinad type of house – I don’t see any scope for this. Let’s see. Will apply for next NVOK (Surya host panna mattum).

Thats all folks. Happy weekend.

P.S. Happy birthday Madras. This is for you. 


Playlist credit: blogeswari.blogspot.com

Also enjoyed RJ Balaji’s talk on Madras and our own Maya’s awesome tweets on Madras.


4 comments on “Bucket List – Review

  • RJ Balaji’s chennai talk n Mays’s tweets were was so nice na.. T.Nagar la anda karumbu juice and cone ice ennum gnapaham eruku 🙂 Red Wine ku courage lam venda nga.. 😉 marundu adu.. its good for heart.
    Sorry for my advice. Please please don’t straighten your hair. If you start, u have to keep continuing.. Seen frnds doing that and lamenting now.

  • You should try red wine, but like a good one… if you try a cheap one it will just ruin the whole experience

    I add things one by one on my bucket list, when the first two are done only then I move on and add the next one. That way I am more focused (Well, thats what I tell myself:D :D)

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