Some Weird Habits I Have

Published August 14, 2014 by Bingo's Mom
  • I read newspaper from last page.

  • I keep a record of number of moles in my body and I check them now and then.

  • When I grind chutney I count from one to ten and I increase / decrease the speed accordingly. 

  • If I drink tea / coffee from a cup, I hold it on my left hand.

  • I will not eat if I have any work to finish. Will eat only after completing them. If I eat, I don’t do any work immediately.

  • I don’t like to keep too many tabs open when I browse. Also, if I sign out from one account and signing in to another account, I close the tab which I used and open a new tab. Always.

  • I browse for food photos when I am hungry.

  • If I have absolutely nothing to do I sit and count whether the clock tiks 60 times for one minute. 

6 comments on “Some Weird Habits I Have

  • lai, i only read the last page.. sports page 🙂 he heh e

    i hold my cup in both hands 🙂 hmmm right i guess i need to put lot of FOOD foto’s on my blog .. hint hint he he he he he

    you see those are not weird habits … 🙂

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