A Day (everyday?) in My Life

Published August 13, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I send Bingo to school and BD to office. Time to take brunch; oh wait! before that let me do laundry. I put all the cloths inside machine and switch it on. Okay, now it will take 15 minutes to finish the cycle (semi-automatic). I come to dining table and start eating my food. I have to call my MIL’s sister today and if possible BD’s grandfather too. But, now it is raahu kaalam, let me call afterwards.

Let me finish this book today. Have to return it to library. Still this machine is going on so, I will pre-wash the vessels and keep it in the utility area. It’s been long time since I cleaned the water purifier, let me do it today. Where is the new sponge I got last week. I think it is inside the shelf where I keep groceries. OMG!! This shelf looks like a mess. Have to arrange this now. Where is the big dabba that I used to store sugar? Let me search in the vessel shelf. Hah… This needs arrangements too but, I can finish it in 5 minutes. Just need to change the newspaper. 

This weekend we have to dispose old newspapers. No more space to store them. Hey, I found this magazine which I was searching. Let me read it. Oops.. I have to drain the water from washing machine. By the time it drains completely, I should take the previous day’s dresses from cloth line. 

Standing in the balcony and looking at the sky and people is pure bliss. Someone is ringing the door bell. Yay.. we got the courier from e bay; let me inform BD. What?! 136 messages in whatsapp. I ‘ll check this and my blog as well. Oh, what fun in reading blogs and tweets. It’s already 1 ?? Have to do vegetable shopping before picking up Bingo from bus bay. 

It’s so heavy, deliver it at my house please. What? minimum purchase should be for Rs.300/- then add cheese and bread. Today the weather is so humid. Poor girl slept in the bus; let me feed her fresh hot chapati but she wants dosai with honey. Uff… managing this girl is a tough job. Why can’t children grow in our tummy until 5 years?! Let the clock struck 4, I will take her to park. 

It’s time to prepare dinner and what is this? Where is the cleaning cloth? Did I put it for washing? and what is this half done cloths in the machine. Let me do it after feeding Bingo. Where did I keep the rava? oh… I forgot to arrange this grocery shelf as well but I have no time now. Let me dump it back. Hahaha… look bingo is doing something funny. Let me take a photo of it. Where is my phone. Oh God, I for got to call my cousin and grandpa. I am dead now. Okay, calm down. All I can do now is to prepare dinner and finish laundry. Let me postpond the rest to tomorrow and I am sure about that.

I send Bingo to school and BD to office. Time to take brunch; oh wait! before that let me do laundry………..


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