Meeting The Eternal Dreamer

Published August 11, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

We celebrated Raksha Bandhan by visiting Kuttan’s house and we shamelessly hogged over the yummiest food served by his mother. I love Kuttan’s smile very much and I am glad that he posed for me with a nice smile on his face on my request. And yes, Ammu has the awesome hair and she is a chatterbox 🙂

And I can still feel the flavour of the carrot walnut cake that Maya baked for us (slurp). The lunch menu had:

– Hot phulkas directly from tawa to plate

– Palak paneer 

– Dhal

– Potato curry

– Rice

– Curd

– Avakkai oorgai

– Custard

– Freshly baked Carrot Walnut Cake and marble cake from previous day 😉

Palak paneer was better than what we get in restaurants; seriously. I regret for one thing since the time I left their house. I forgot to fall at Maya’s feet seeking her blessing. Honestly, I cannot think anything beyond kichdi or dosa if someone visiting me. 

We had lunch and blinked our eyes and it was time to leave 😦 And, thank you Maya, it was so sweet of you to lend me some books to read 🙂

Bingo started crying as soon as we reached our home saying she wants to go back to Maya aunty’s house to play with Ammu and Kuttan. BD was wearing rakhi sent by his sister. Bingo noticed it and asked him to remove and give it to Kuttan as she tied it for him and instructed BD not to take Kuttan’s. 

Leaving you with a photo of the yummy cake 🙂



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