Search Terms in My Blog – 2

Published August 8, 2014 by Bingo's Mom – Yes, people are searching like this.

January 7110 puzzle – adapaavingala, ellarume search pannithan answer panneengala? booohoo…..

Tharani Blog – So Tharani, I am the one who is writing more about you eh?

Sambu Mavane – Dei..

what book makes me happy – how do I know?

Revathi in Bingo ad – I have not seen her in Bingo ad. Is there one?

Dialogue for Vijay Movie – ipdi blog la irundhu thirudi than Vijay padathukellam dialogue ezhudharaangala? Ada kodumaiye…

hinde comade andpickher – What I understood is hindi comedy and picture? No?

Mokkai recipe – Innuma? Adhu yaarunnu mattum enakku therinjadhu, oru vaaram fulla en samayala kuduthu saapda veppen. hmpf.


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