Conversation at BM’s Household

Published July 28, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

BM – Bingo, come here. I will feed this idly to you.

Bingo – Mummy, you come near to me.

BD – Bingo, mummy cannot move. She is heavy no? you go to mummy.

BM – @$#%#$

BM – What did you do in the school today?

Bingo – I didn’t play. I didn’t eat fruit. I didn’t eat puri. (actually she did)

BM – Why?

Bingo – Because I just don’t like it.

BM – !!

Bingo – Mummy, remove my sweater. I am so hot.


BM – Do you want to sleep now?

Bingo – No

BM – Why? Did you sleep in the school?

Bingo – Yes, I slept with Anshuman

BM – !!!!

Bingo – I like daddy.

BM – Who gives you food?

Bingo – you

BM – Who helps you to take bath?

Bingo – you

BM – Who help you to put dress?

Bingo – you

BM – Who makes you to sleep?

Bingo – you

BM – Then why do you like only daddy?

Bingo – because I don’t like you.

BM goes of singing pacha kozhandhayinnu paalootti valarthen………

BM – I want to go on a vacation.

BD – Okay, go on and enjoy.

BM – @#$*%$@#

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