Women Empowerment

Published July 24, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

For the past two, three days my life is going like blah, bland and boring. Add to that, when I open the newspaper today I saw this:


I remember, when I was working, one of my colleague told me that her manager announced one of the male co-workers as TL, though both went up to final round. Later we found, that so called male co-worker accepted the offer without salary hike as he doesn’t want to work ‘under’ my friend. 

and I pick some old magazine and I read this.


Look at the example. Even for example they are not ready to mention that women are getting more salary than men. Why? I know many people who earns more salary than their husband and I know how some (jobless) people mocking them saying he must be a slave to his wife and would listen to her. Sigh.

Do you remember this girl? Poor girl has to leave the world at the tender age of 20 because of some pervert? What about her family? Her dreams? Her life?


I feel helpless.

I fear for being a woman.

I fear for my daughter.

I fear for women in India.


8 comments on “Women Empowerment

  • Education should start at home, which I don’t see happening nowadays. I see people ferrying their kids on their vehicles (2W/4W) driving carelessly without giving a regard to even traffic lights. Tomorow the kids too will follow in their footsteps. This is just one example. The way parents/elders behave, sets an example to the young minds. Look everywhere, even in this so called advanced world, we see Male chauvinism being displayed openly. Be it our films, TV shows, speeches of politicos, people in our society.. everywhere ! We should start telling kids at home and school, about how a girl is as important and equal to a boy. The very bias of male/female should be uprooted (i really don’t know how.. but teaching kids at young age is what I can think of). I am born in a family with 3 sisters..and lucky for me, my parents/grandparents have always maintained the same treatment with everyone. No out-of-the-way favourism to me for being the only Boy in the house. Though it kind of hurt way back when I was a kid..now I see.. what it has made me. I hope.. every man/boy realizes this.

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