Bingo Times

Published July 21, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo – Mummy, don’t go there.

BM – Why?

Bingo – Listen to me, I am security uncle.

(inside Lift)

Bingo – Which button should I press?

BM – Zero

Bingo – Daddy’s car is in minus one. Why are you going to zero?

Bingo – Mummy, my stomach is paining.

BM – Oh.. What happened?

Bingo – Bacteria is biting. I want to go to toilet.

BM – Bingo, why are you wearing my dupatta?

Bingo – I am aunty now. I am going to super market. Are you coming?

BM – Bingo I like you.

Bingo – I like daddy.

Bingo – I want chocolate.

BM – No chocolates. Don’t eat more chocolates.

Bingo – I will not eat, I will just keep it in my hand.

Bingo – I want heart dosai (after seeing this photo)

(I tried making but it was not in heart shape)

Bingo – mummy this is ‘U’ dosai, I asked for heart dosai.

என் மாமியார் அப்போவே சொன்னாங்க, “மூணு வயசுல மூளை முடுக்குல இருக்க பேச்செல்லாம் வந்துடும்”னு. இப்போ நம்பறேன்.


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