Happy Birthday to BD & Bingo

Published July 20, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Yes, they share their Birthday. I asked Bingo whether I can change my birthday and join in their group as well. She said no; it’s only her’s and her daddy’s birthday it seems. duh; girls. This year we celebrated their birthday by calling only my brother. To be honest, I didn’t call him. He asked about our availability so that he can come and I said yes. He acted as Santa clause today. He bought dresses, cake, chocolate, crayons, sketches, books…. 🙂

I have ordered cake for BD and we cut it at midnight. I went in filmy style and decorated the room with candles. In the morning we followed our routine of wearing new dress and going to temple. Bingo was disappointed as she didn’t receive kalkandu (rock sugar) while we relished puliyogare.  

We planned to take Bingo to Bamboo park but, due to rain we didn’t go.

We finished our day with awesome food at absolute barbecue. What fun it was. Bingo and BD cut a surprise cake there with all the waiters coming to our table to sing birthday song. They had live dance for this song. I shouted and hooted and enjoyed and relished their barbecue. 


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