Joy of Giving

Published July 17, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Today I have donated un-used cloths to volunteers from Goonj. Actually this joy-of-giving week is going on in our apartment community. I have cleaned cupboards and have collected two bag full of un-used dresses. Initially I thought of asking my maid to take it and distribute in her locality. But, last weekend, volunteers in our community sent a mail stating joy-of-giving week, where we can donate dresses, shoes, notebooks etc. I thought of doing it on Bingo’s birthday (oh, yes. Her birthday is on 20th July). But, that was the last day, I mean, they will wind up on 20th morning. I was not sure whether I can make it on that day. So, I have given it today itself.

While folding the cloths Bingo came to me and asked what I was doing. I told her I am going to give her un-used dress to someone who needs them. She immediately said, ‘I want my dress’. Then BD explained her that how she is not using those dresses anymore and how someone will feel happy if we give it to them. She was quite for few seconds. I could see her thinking about something. After a while she told, ‘ok, give it to akka and anna so that they can wear it and celebrate their birthday’. Hah. This is because I told her few days back that, we will give her old cloths to someone on her birthday. She mixed them up 🙂


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