Morning Madness

Published July 15, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Today is my turn to send food to Bingo’s class. I decided to send idly, sambar and buttermilk. Yesterday early morning I soaked rice and made batter around 11 a.m. normally overnight fermentation is enough but, because of the rain, it requires more time. Likewise, I set curd also well in advance. I had to buy curry leaves, onion and beans for sambar. I forgot to buy onion and I asked BD to buy it while coming from office. To mention, beans is 90 rupees per kilo. I have counted and taken 10 beans. 

Planned to wake up by 5 in the morning so that I can send the food in the school bus itself. But, in BM’s household nothing goes as per plan. I woke up at 6 and I swirled like pambaram and started preparing. Everything was ready except idly. It took more time as I can prepare 10 in one batch. The clock clicked 7.30 and I still need 20 more idlies. Bingo’s bus will reach our place at 7.40 which means everything should be ready in 5 minutes. BD lost hope and told he will deliver it in the school when he goes to office. I didn’t panic. I asked him to enquire the bus driver about the next stop.

By the time, he came back after dropping Bingo, I was ready with the bag which had 75 idlies, 2 liters of sambar and 1.5 liters of buttermilk. Plan is to give the bag at the next bus stop. BD told he will deliver it in the school itself if he could not catch the bus. But, he caught the bus and given the food. phew. 





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