Whatsapp Jokes and Photos

Published July 13, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Something really bizarre…

Buddha left home for a higher calling, leaving behind a wife called Yashodhara.

Mahavir left for a higher calling, leaving a wife called Yashoda.

Modi left home on a higher calling, leaving a wife called Yashodaben.

And suddenly, everyone wants their wife to have this name.

If electricity goes in America they call the power station….

In Japan, they test the fuse,

But In India, they check neighbour’s house,
” sabki gayi hai naa, phir thik hai!”

Sense of Responsibility:

A man goes to library n asks for a book on Suicide…..

Librarian looks at him n says: “Bhai wapas kaun dene aayega???”

Sister to brother:

What r u going to gift grandma on her b’day?

Brother: A football..!!
Sister: But grandma does not play!
Brother: On my b’day she gave me Bhagvad Gita.  Uska kya?

Once a father beats up his son and when son starts crying father says sorry.

Son says – Take a piece of paper. Crumble it. Fold it. Now open it. Say “sorry” to it. Are the scars on the paper gone?

Dad says- Take my scooter and try to start. does it start? Nahin naa. Now give it 3-4 kicks. Now does it start? Hua na. Kamine tu wahi scooter hai, koi paper nahi. Aage se ye Facebook/WhatsApp wale gyaan apne baap ko mat dena.

Find another person in this picture:




25 comments on “Whatsapp Jokes and Photos

  • the last image was like holy cow 😦 I thrown my keyboard at workstation 😥 mummy 😦 I laughed pretty badly at the jokes and after seeing the last image everything faded 😦 😦 irunthalum super a enjoyed the jokes 🙂 paper joke was the ultimate 😀

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