Un Samayal Araiyil….

Published July 10, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

…. ennal samaikka mudiyadhu. I can never cook comfortably in someone else’s kitchen. This includes my own MIL’s kitchen as well. We usually go to my in-laws place for a week or maximum of 10 days. During those period, we would be having pre-planned schedule. While I visit all the relatives and do my shopping, my MIL will take care of kitchen and of course, I will help her in small works like cutting vegetables etc. but I never cooked a full course meal at my in-laws’ place. To confess, I don’t even know where she stores her pulses and masalas. It is other way round for my MIL. There are days where I called my MIL to ask where I stored the ‘murukku maavu’ in ‘my’ kitchen.

Whenever I go to my sister’s place, I used to lend my hand in cooking. But, I used to call her 1000 times and I get confused with the amount of salt and masalas to add. I mean, it is the same way I cook in my kitchen but, I panic in others’ kitchen. 

Also, I don’t like if someone is overlooking when I am cooking. I hate it when someone says, ‘mix them well’, ‘uppu pottiya’, ‘innum konjam thanni vidu’ etc. I need my space when I cook.

And I love love to hear songs when I cook. If no one is there I ‘ll do little dancing as well. And I talk to the masalas and utensils 🙂 Crazy right? but whatever, my kitchen is my comfort zone.


6 comments on “Un Samayal Araiyil….

  • cooking in other’s kitchen.. have not experienced it.. At MIL’s place, I do the same as you..just stop with cutting veggies and doing other sillarai velai.. And listening to songs while cooking is my way too… 🙂

  • I dont like when someone gives me instructions, I would go crazy mad. And I have cooked full length meals at MIL’s place as well as the sister’s. For sure I would call them until I find all the required ingredients, but I can manage. I do have a strange issue though. I cant let anyone else cook in my kitchen. Sigh

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