Published July 6, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I am thinking of starting my career again. Sounds simple and easy but it is not. At least for me. I have million questions dancing in my mind when I think of starting my career life again. I can brush away all of them except questions about Bingo. What about Bingo? How she will manage? Will I be able to give my best if I start working? Who will take care of her? …never ending questions. sigh.

I want to be a working mom. I know, I will definitely whine about being a working mom if I start working. The other side is always green, for me. Next comes the resume preparation. I wish employers don’t ask for it. I am very very poor at writing resume. At the same time I don’t want to fool myself with flashy, decorated resume.

Next comes the suggestion and advice from others who is not living with me and who is not going to live with me. I have done management course so obviously I will work in managerial and admin kind of jobs. Some people are there. for them working means, to work in some IT related job. They imagine IT people with computer in a AC room and non-IT people with old dusty files in a room with fan. Unfortunately, I cannot explain about my work and office with those people who will never get the point.

Only one thing I wanted as IT company is Saturday and Sunday holiday. I have worked in 3 companies and all of them had Saturday as working day. If I want to step into any IT job I have to study some courses which, of course, will incur expense. BD is advising me not to work for money. I mean, he says to take up a job where I will get job satisfaction. He is even ok with me not working. So, at the end of all these I am confused.

Should I take up a job? How to stop worrying about Bingo? Should I continue in my previous work profile or to choose new one? Someone please help me.


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  • How about working from home.. that way you are not worried about the little one.. and also you are working in the comfort of your own home. .

    Resume I find it very difficult too.. I have worked for the same company so my resume is way way too old..

    All the best..why not start part time and see how that goes and then go full time…

  • Decision making is never easy. I would say one thing go with your heart and instincts. Bingo will be alright either way whether you are a stay at home mom or working mom, for her you will the mom😊. I started working when Chucky was 8weeks and she started daycare at 11 months.she never was unhappy. More than her I want to make myself happy. Hope this helps!

  • BM..grass will always be greener on the other side…
    Do what makes you happy, may be you can start with the work and see how everything goes…though I will agree that sat working are a real pain.
    And remember – its the quality that matters and not the quantity of time that we spend with our kids..!! There will be both good and difficult days in both the cases…All d best for taking the decision.. 🙂

  • Hi BM, hopped on to your blog thru Maya. Here are my few cents.
    Should I take up a job? Yes – give it a try. But be patient and wait till you land in the right job. It may take some time.
    How to stop worrying about Bingo? Kids will be fine, its us parents who worry about them a lot. For first couple of weeks she may struggle but after that she will be fine.
    Should I continue in my previous work profile or to choose new one? – This one, you need to decide. If you are interested in some new one, why not now??
    Regarding Resume, Just go with what you have. Build in a linked in profile, and update your status as job seeker. Look at the response and see how it goes.
    Good luck 🙂 (Hope I haven’t bored you)

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