My Encounters with Beauty Salon

Published June 18, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I go to salon only to get rid of excess hair in my hands, legs and face to avoid looking like chimpanzee. I can count the number of time I did facial with my fingers or wait, it is exactly 7 times till today. Every time when I go to salon, the conversation goes like this:

Salon Lady – hello

BM – hello, threading and waxing.

SL – Why don’t you go for abc facial which will give you blah blah result and glow to your skin.

BM – No, thanks. Not now.

SL – (examining my cheek) oh madam, you have pigmentation!!! (as if it is some serious disease)

BM – Where?

SL – on your face. We have a package 1000 rupees where you will get threading and facial.

BM – But, I wanted to do threading and waxing.

SL – Parledhu Madam, It will not take much time. We will apply mask  on your face and we will do waxing.

BM – but… er.. some other time please.

SL – As you wish (see, madam is missing here).

After few minutes.

SL – Oh.. no. You have black heads.

BM – er… yeah..

SL – At least, do clean up madam (madam is back)

BM – Ok but, next time.

SL – Hold your finger tight on your forehead otherwise you will get pain.

BM – thinking of learning how to trim eye brows and leaving the salon by hiding face as I have pigmentation, black head with lifeless skin.


7 comments on “My Encounters with Beauty Salon

  • Oh!I know why they do this… It’s because the salon girls need to get a minimum number of facials per month. and it is related to their bonus pay, as well. I saw this procedure being worked out in a salon. It has nothing to do with your pigmentation… Threading is a necessary evil. Postpone till eternity is the only way out!

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