Mind Voice and Me

Published June 17, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Mind Voice – Is she slimmer than you?
BM – wow…. you are looking same as when i saw you last time

MV – i think her arms are as big as yours.
BM – Your blouse design is good

MV – where the hell she lost her tummy weight?
BM – how is your kid?

MV – i am going to kill the tailor who stitched her dress
BM – Wow… which tailor?

MV – oh my god! i want second serving of this uthappam and Sambar. How can i shout and ask?
BM – Excuse me, serve some water
server – can i get you something else madam?
BM – yes, uthappam and sambar

MV – such a relaxing day with more food
BM – It was a long tiring day. Can i go to sleep now? 


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