Happy Father’s Day

Published June 15, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Dear Daddy,

I love you. I know, this is not something new that I am telling as I am repeating this everyday, like, 100 times but, I am not satisfied with that. You are a wonderful daddy one can get. You are always there for me. You never prevented me from falling down but you taught me how to get up and move on. You never pushed me to something but you made me to choose on my own. You don’t praise me but you don’t scold me either. When I make any mistake, you patiently explain where I went wrong. I always wanted you which makes mummy proud and happy (!!!).

I remember one day you wanted to get a bi-cycle for me when mummy was rolling her eyes. I think I shared a virtual Hi-five with you. Yes, you read my mind. I wanted to ride a bi-cycle. I wonder how you understood that without me telling you 🙂

Our day starts with, you helping me in doing brushing and potty. Do you know one thing?? mummy does not have patient to do this. What if i take forever to finish my morning rituals? She never get that. But you, being so sweet, allows me to spend my time in toilet. hehehe….

Our favorite pass time is to visit park and give heart attack to mummy by swinging veerry high on the swing. She has to grow up. Really.

Thanks for everything.

Your little daughter,






P.S. Mummy wanted to put some photos whereas I am not keen on this. Anyways, here are some photos selected by her. I am allowing this only because the photos consists only you and me.


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