Published May 31, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

okay, lets play some games. Today, solving the puzzles. Answers will be published on Tuesday.

I. How many pencils are there?



II. Find three squares that are not linked to any of other squares.


III. What is it?sandbox

IV. What does this picture say?


V. What does this picture say?



20 comments on “Puzzles

  • i found answer for only one. . rest other looks so good but i may give silly answer. 7,19,23 all blue boxes are not linked to any other one

  • :O :O Puzzle ah…

    I only had the patience to look at the second one.. the answer is 17,19, 23.

    And for the last one its eggs? I didnt understand what to do with the letter puzzles.

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