List of Songs… (contd.)

Published May 29, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

When we danced for this song, we have become famous overnight in our college. Our senior who ragged us on the first day came to meet us personally to congratulate and of course we got the first price in the competition.

and this, what can I say, has brought huge name for us and we performed it repeatedly in various functions.

for this song, for the first time we rented out costumes (otherwise, we stitch based on our dance). The song was suggested by our professor.

and this we danced in an inter-college competition and we managed to get consolation prize.

and this is the last song for which I danced on stage.


8 comments on “List of Songs… (contd.)

  • that daler mehndi song is so good .. and it was his second or third album that one, he use to be such a hit in those days .. I remember dancing to them ..

    have you heard bolo tara tara tara his first song .. 🙂

    and the two madhuri and prabhu … awesome in that song ..

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