Aishwarya-vum Ayiram Kaakavum

Published May 22, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Ok, long long ago I was a fan of Aishwarya Rai. Later I realised her fake accent and actions and laughter and all that. There are some similarities between both of us (ok, you can start laughing now). I have a mole on my left arm as she has, we got married (separately) in 2007 and we delivered baby girl (separately) in 2011. Few days back when I went for shopping, I searched for a similar suit that she wore in this song (stop laughing now. Thank you.)

Why suddenly all these details; you ask. Today I got fed up of seeing her in all the channels and websites and twitter and whatsapp and what not. It seems everyone forgot about election, Kejriwal, Modi, Bedi and all for sometime. Is she still charming people that way? She looked bad at some jewellery advertisement. On top of everything, she is acting in a movie called aishwaryavum ayiram kaakavum (Aishwarya and 1000 crows). I have read this in Maya’s tweet long back and at that time I thought some reporter might have heard crows instead of crores i.e. I thought the title could be aishwaryavum ayiram crores-um (Aishwaya and 1000 crores) not crows. EKSI.


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