10 things to be considered when you go for shopping

Published May 15, 2014 by Bingo's Mom
  1. Go with full stomach, I mean, don’t shop when you are hungry. Also, carry something in your handbag like, cookies, banana, chocolates etc. Of course you can go to restaurant when you feel hungry but, what if you feel hungry when you are searching for your favorite color combination like “body color should be in onion skin color and border should be in Ramar pachai”.

  2. Leave your kids at home and if you are taking them ensure you take someone to babysit them and forget about your baby when you shop.

  3. Take photo of the dress you have selected and whatsapp your husband / friend / cousin. Let them participate in your shopping virtually.

  4. Buy one hand kerchief first and get it billed and flaunt the bill in front of salesmen and boss over them. Make sure you don’t show content of the bill to them.

  5. Park your car under covered area. Otherwise you will have to travel in an oven.

  6. Go with lot of friends and scatter them to different floors. If you want to avoid salesman’s are-you-going-to-take-or-not look, tell them you will bring your friends from other floor and escape from there.

  7. If you are like me who will count 10 rupees 10 times, use your card to avoid stare from others.

  8. After going home, spend double the time you spent for shopping in showing off to your neighbors and family members.

  9. Don’t cook after shopping. Shopping is not finished without having food outside.

  10. Remember shopping is not restricted to one day. Shop everyday and enjoy your life without worrying husband’s credit card bill.


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