Sambar Podi Recipe

Published May 14, 2014 by Bingo's Mom
Dhania / Coriander Seeds – 500 grams
Dry Red Chilli – 250 grams
Toor Dhal – 150 grams
Channa Dhal – 150 grams
Fenugreek Seeds – 50 grams
Pepper – 50 grams
Jeera – 1 tbs
Turmeric (we use ‘Virali Manjal’ – turmeric stick) – 3 sticks
Sambar Podi (1)
Dry roast all the ingredients separately. However, you may use a big drop of oil for Red Chilly. Once it comes to room temperature, grind all the ingredients together to fine powder  and store it in an air tight container.
If you find difficult to grind bulk quantity at home, you can send it to a flour mill.
While dry roasting the ingredients, we need not roast them to brown colour. It is enough to heat them nicely.
We usually dry them under sun.

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