BD is back

Published May 12, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

So BD came with a bag full of chocolates for colleagues, bag full of toys for Bingo, mac book and hand bag for me, some household items for in-laws.

Also, he acted as a courier man between his colleagues from U.S. of A and Hyderabad.

Bingo, didn’t give any special expression when she saw BD as soon as she woke up. She was quite for 18 seconds and she told BD that she wants to go to park later. That that person that that worry.

I spent the day in hiding toys and doing laundry.

If any one of you want chocolate, please come to my house to collect them. I have around 7 kg of them and I don’t have space in my refrigerator.

On the other note, I have started reading ‘Udaiyar’ though the library has only one part (first).

Now, varun’s duty is over and surya came to power and he is very strong in completing his responsibilities. Time for chundo drooling but waiting for right variety of mangoes.

I spent whole 4 minutes thinking how to conclude this post.


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