Snippets from birthday party

Published May 8, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Party started by 8.30 whereas actual timing was 7. We stay in same floor so, i just opened my door often and checked whether they have started.

Birthday kid’s parent were more tensed about hospitality of guests. Though the arrangements were good, they panicked even if someone asked for water.

The kid received gifts from everyone and kept it in one particular place promptly.

And, smiled like a professional model for photographs. I was surprised by the co-operation he gave to photographer. I wish Bingo does it when i take pictures.

The guests kept on asking for vegetarian counter and non vegetarian counter repeatedly. Even after the host informed everyone clearly.

I wonder why people feel superior for being vegetarian.

Apart from starting the function late, everything went well and Bingo had a nice time.

While coming back we had this conversation:
BM – Bingo, do you want to drink milk?
Bingo – No.
BM – Are you feeling sleepy?
Bingo – No.
BM – ok.
Bingo – (looks at me for 5 seconds)
BM – What?
Bingo – i want to eat chocolate.
BM – (too tired to argue) ok.
Bingo – and i will brush my teeth. You should not scold me.
BM – !!!


8 comments on “Snippets from birthday party

  • Hosting a party isnt that easy I guess 🙂 LOL at Bingo’s conversation with you 🙂

    And the vegetarian topic – May be I cant express well – but I am definitely proud of being one. May be cos I am not killing something to make it my food? I am not sure. May be cos I think I am eating healthy? I dont know. But I feel good about being a vegetarian. As far as one doesnt start with the religion or caste associated with it, its for good I think.

  • Organizing such parties are a big pain, no? I went to one recently and got so bored because I was a misfit there- the kids were too young and the parents were another gang discussing about schools, cartoons and extracurricular classes for kids.

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