100 Happy Things – Day 2 (Festivals)

Published March 31, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Happy Ugadi to you all.

I love love festivals.

I can’t imagine any festival without my family members. I never missed any festival at home. My favorite festival is pongal. I have beautiful memories of this festival from my child hood. Till I got married I have celebrated pongal with atleast 20 people. Though I have celebrated in my grandparent’s village I had many relatives visiting us for pongal.

After marriage it’s with my husband and in-laws; kind of ‘city pongal’ with lots of happiness, ofcourse. My MIL is having 3 elder sisters, so in a way I have 4 in-laws and I have shared my festival times with them too.

Today we have celebrated Ugadi. Recently I developed this habit of asking my MIL to follow the original procedures, which our grandmothers used to do, for any festival.

I feel content at the end of the day once we settle, after our dinner, and discuss about the day we spent in celebrating the festival. We just had a chat session and my in-laws settled for their daily soap, Bingo off to bed and I am here, sharing my thoughts about festivals to you. I am sure I am going to have a goodnight sleep today. 🙂

ETA – It got published before I complete the draft 😦 I am typing this from mobile as I could not access internet now. Will add contents later. Sorry, sorry and big sorry readers 😦


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