100 Happy Things – Day 1 (Music)

Published March 30, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I think I don’t have much to explain about music. I have not seen any people who doesn’t like music. Though my music knowledge is restricted to movies, I never regretted for that. I love lyricists as much as I love musicians. I know hundreds of awesome songs and I listen to them again and again as if I am listening them for the first time.

I am not accepting the fact that recent songs are not good compared to old songs. When people compare recent songs with old songs now, they used to compare songs before and after 2000. Comparing 50 years songs with 13.5 years songs itself is an injustice.

Hats off to Maya for doing 100 happy songs; and when I talk about happy songs, I remember there is separate fan club for pathos song as well. I somehow not a big fan of kuthu song though I enjoy them at the moment.

I am going to post the lyrics instead of video, here. I know; when I write about music I should post video but, I bet you cannot ‘read’ the lyrics 🙂

Song – Nenjam Ellam Kadhal…

Movie – Ayutha Ezhuthu

Music Director – A R Rahman

Lyricist – Vairamuthu

Singers – Adnan Sami & Sujatha

My Favorite Lines:

Naan Pitham Kondathu Unnil Mattum
Nee Mutha Paarvai Paarkum pothu
En Muthugu Thandil Minnal Vettum

Lyrics for full song:

Nenjamellaam kaadhal
dhegam ellam kaamam
unmai sonnaal ennai
kaadhal konjam kammi
kaamam konjam thookkal
manjathin mel ennai mannippaaya

unmai sonnaal naesippaaya
manjathin mel mannippaaya (2)

pengal melae maiyal undu
naan piththam kondadhu unnil mattum
nee muththa paarvai paarkum bodhu
en mudhugu thandil minnal vettum
nee dhaane mazhai maegham enakku
en hormone nadhiyil vella perukku
paasangu ini namakkedhukku
yaar ketka namakku naame vaazhvadharkku

(unmai sonnaaal)

kaadhal ennai varudum poadhum
un kaamam ennai thirudum poadhum
en manasellam maargazhi dhaan
en kanavellam kaarthigai dhaan

en vaanam en vasathil uNdu
en bhoomi en vasathil illai
un kuraigal naan ariyavillai
naan arindhaal sooriyanil suththam illai

(oar unmai sonnaal)


6 comments on “100 Happy Things – Day 1 (Music)

  • Adnan sami voice makes this song super duper hit… I don’t think this song would have reached to great extent if it was sung by any one else.

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