Conversation with My Brother – Part 2

Published March 24, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Part 1 is here

BMB – Do you know how to prepare Kara Kuzhambu?

BM – Who va pathu what asking? Naan samayal la puli theriyuma?

BMB – kotta eduthadha? edukkadhadha?

BM – !!!

He came to railway station to send me off.

BMB (after I settled in my seat)  – I ‘ll just go out and come.

BM – No da, train may start at any time.

BMB – Naan poi tire la kaathu check pannitu varen.

BM – !!!

When we went out for dinner, Bingo started screaming for ice cream instead of chapati.

Bingo – I want ice cream and gems.

BMB – You should eat chapati or rice.

Bingo – I don’t want mammam.

BMB – Bingo, I am telling you to eat mammam which is good for your health. Ice cream is not good for your health. Neeye mudivu panniko; Singa pathaiya? Poo pathaiya? Antony-a? Baasha va?

Bingo – !!!


18 comments on “Conversation with My Brother – Part 2

  • lol.. I have to meet him BM.. We have a neighbor who also cracks dialogues like this at random times.. the other day he was heading to gym and I couldn’t go and that moment he did one villian siripu and said “aiyo you poor feelings, me rich feelings”.. I was laughing the whole day…

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