Annual Day

Published March 21, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Today I went to Bingo’s school annual day. One thing which I liked is they were so organised and punctual. They have started the function exactly at 6 p.m. as mentioned in invitation. Announcements made by kids themselves. Everyone were presented an agenda and program went according to that.

Bingo’s dance was the second program. I was ok even if she is not going to dance on the stage. I don’t want her to cry on the stage. She (along with her classmates, of course) came in dressed like butterflies. She danced quite well. I was ready with my handy camera. I was focusing on the stage since the time they announced that play group kids are going to dance but, as soon as I saw Bingo my hands started shaking. I was bit tensed and I was surprised about it. I don’t know why but I felt as if I am going to give stage performance.

I planned to leave as soon as Bingo’s performance was over as I am travelling tomorrow. I went to the green room and asked for Bingo. They told they will make an announcement. I started enjoying other kids’ performance. It was so much fun. To my surprise almost all the kids performed very well. I don’t know whether to appreciate the kids or the teachers. We came home exhausted and I am writing this with my half-opened eyes. Meet you all tomorrow.

Have a happy weekend.


8 comments on “Annual Day

  • Hi! Had a similar experience with my son – ditto! I was surprised that he could dance well (without being scared or conscious of all the lights and the hundreds on onlookers), and that I would enjoy watching other kids perform so much!

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