Money Money Money

Published March 16, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Yesterday while I was preparing dinner, our LPG got over. I changed to new one but that started leaking. I tried calling gas agency but no answer from them. I called our apartment help desk and informed the situation. They told they will get back after talking to the guy who deals with it. Few minutes later, they have called and informed that the guy refused to come as we are not using piped gas from them. Little explanation here – our complex has piped gas facility for every apartment. We have not opted for it and are continuing with gas cylinders.

So, since we are not using ‘their’ service this guy refused to come, though he is staying two building away from us. I explained him the situation that it was past 9 and no outside mechanics will be available at this time. Also, I told him it’s an emergency. He firmly said no and told he cannot help it. I took all my utensils and went to friend G’s house (opposite to ours) to prepare our dinner. By that time we finish our dinner it was 10. Our neighbors slept after I came to my house as their parents were there. I had to heat up milk for Bingo. I do not have induction stove or oven. I switched on the geyser and I double boiled the milk.

Today morning we searched for mechanic and got to know that they will be available only at 10 or 11. G helped me again with breakfast and tea. Later, G’s FIL came and fixed the problem. It was fine for sometime and again it started leaking. I thought of asking help desk people again as I didn’t have any other option. I asked them to give any other contact, if the person inside is not ready to come. There was no positive response from them. However, he told he will send someone if possible. By that time my brother brought one person from outside and the issue got resolved.

I called the help desk to inform the issue got resolved and not to send anyone. As soon as I said my flat number, he started telling me that, since the situation is very bad, the inside person is ready to help if I am paying them some amount. I didn’t know how to react. We are also paying maintenance amount like others. They are getting salary from our maintenance money. Then why should I pay them extra amount. They are supposed to help us. That too this is an emergency issue. They refused only because they were sure that we will get back to them so that they can demand money from us.

I gave a piece of my mind. I actually wanted to shout at them but, I spoke to them in a polite manner for I-don’t-know-what-reason. 


8 comments on “Money Money Money

  • Glad to know that the issue got resolved now.. hugs BM.. money ofcourse the more I try to keep myself detached from it the more people around are showing the importance of it.. Sigghhh!!!

  • oh! BM similar experience with me..I our case, we had called the gas agency to change the tube and this person came , changed, got money (more than what the rubber+ installation costs ) and went away without giving a bill. My MIL says she has asked for the bill, instead the fellow handed over his visiting card and said “no bill, call me anytime”. I trusted him and didnt call him back for the bill. After a few days, the gas starts leaking and I call this guy , he replies back asking” who asked you not to get thebill from me? I cant come to look at the leakage”. The phone numbers provided in the gas bill are of utter waste as either the numbers are invalid or keeps ringing..What is one supposed to do if there is a leakage..All these gas distributor agencies suck in customer care..When one is dealing with something as dangerous as cooking gas, during leakage what are people like us supposed to do..I think they would say close the gas and sit at home !! Anyway, after 2-3 days, a guy comes and declares”all is fine”! Good that your problem got resolved..Sorry for taking up so much of your space (:

    • They have given a number to contact in case of leakage and they have mentioned that it should be between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with Sunday Holiday! Really?!! Either our LPG is not supposed to leak beyond these timing or we should not cook at these timings it seems 😦
      I can understand your pain, Ramya.

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