This Is What We Did On Last Sunday

Published March 14, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I was going through our apartment mail group and I saw a mail mentioning about women’s day special marathon. I remember reading Maya’s husband ran in a marathon recently. I pinged her about the same and in turn she asked me whether I would be interested. I said no. At least, she is doing walking and swimming to keep her body fit. All I do is eating and sleeping without doing any exercise. She convinced me and I said ok at one point with skepticism. You can read her post here.

By that time online registrations were over and if we want to participate we had to go in person to a place to register ourselves. Again I lost hope. It was Maya again who told she will be going to that area for some other work and assured me that she will try to visit that place to enroll our names.

I informed BD about the same. He asked me to try 10K instead of 3K. The next day in the afternoon, I got a call from Maya saying she enrolled our name to the marathon for 10K run. I felt someone inserted a very cold knife in my stomach. But then I also got excited and we shared a virtual hi-five.

I woke up at 5.10 a.m. made tea (I didn’t drink), kept everything ready for breakfast, boiled milk for Bingo, instructed BD about what to do, took bath. I cleared the cobweb formed in my shoe 😉 and set off to the place with a neighbor who was also participated.

After reaching the place, I got excited seeing the crowd and their enthusiasm. I got even more excited about meeting Maya for the first time 🙂 She called me and we spotted each other and started chatting away as if we knew each other for years 🙂

It was Maya who motivated me throughout the run. We didn’t close our mouth even for a minute. It was an awesome feeling when we reached the finish line. I am sure going to participate more such events. And RM, a big applause for you. You are great that you ran 7k without drinking water! Please shower your blessings on us 🙂

Here are some pictures:




IMG_20140309_065849 IMG_20140309_085220 IMG_20140310_083251



15 comments on “This Is What We Did On Last Sunday

  • First,many congratulations BM! and next, where is your feet? seriously you did the 10K without practisingaa? may be you should do a post on how you made it, it will help people like me who hardly do any exercise..

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