What Should I Do?

Published March 6, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Dear xyz,

I am BM, who stays below your flat. Remember the ‘n’ number of calls I made to you to request not to throw cigarette buds and the end piece of cigarette itself, from your balcony. Yes, I am the same person. 

Yesterday I washed my bed spreads and pillow covers and due to rain it did not dry properly so, in the afternoon I put them in the balcony railing so that it will get little sun light. When I went to take them in the evening all I can see is fully dried bed spread with your cigarette buds all over. What if it get fire??

Do you know how much of water, soap, energy and time I use to wash them? Now you don’t take my call (may be) after seeing my number. What should I do now? How about presenting an ash tray to you? 

With frustration,



23 comments on “What Should I Do?

  • such a rough behavior .. very bad fellow he must be… do give a two warning.. if not sweep them and put in his veranda!! The washing and other part also is part and parcel but think about the irritation.. sigh!

  • in BM style, tell him “Get Well Soon” 🙂 On a serious note, this is unacceptable while living in a community..May be,you should report this to the apartment association and give him a warning and ask him to stop this from the association too

  • These people are less likely to change. If u do take vengeance by collecting the waste and throwing at his doorstep or by going a floor above him and throwing it back in his balcony he would most probably increase it. I would suggest you fix a plastic curtain kind in the balcony or a mat kinda thing that covers your entire balcony. This way u can keep it covered most of the time and open it when he is less likely to be there .

  • Ahhh!!! You should gift him the bed spread saying none of your family members like the smell of cigarettes and you have better job than washing it again! Seriously!

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