Published March 1, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo is going to dance in her School’s annual day function. I am trying my best to know the song and dance steps from her but, she has her own way to play with me. Sample this:

BM – How did you dance today?

Bingo – I don’t like dance.

BM – Who danced with you?

Bingo – Anshuman

BM – How he danced?

Bingo – He ate idly

BM – Did you keep your hands on your hip and danced?

Bingo – Sowmy mam said no no no

BM – Why

Bingo – Suryansh hit me. 

BM – What did you do?

Bingo – I took his car.

BM – Why did you take his car

Bingo – I cried.

BM – ok, leave it. Show me how you danced?

Bingo – Mummy, sing chanda mama gol gol..

BM – Will you dance if I sing?

Bingo – I want kichdi.

BM – Ok come, I ‘ll also dance with you.

Bingo – Shall we go out.

BM – Bingo, please show me how you danced.

Bingo – mummy, susu….

I gave up. 


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  • In Ammu and Kuttan’s school, one, there is no annual day. And two, we parents should not ask what they did at school as a rule. If they narrate by themselves, it is okay. If not, no asking! FYI! 🙂 🙂

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