Chandramouli…. Mr. Chandramouli

Published February 24, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

When I joined for my masters degree, there was another person in my name. She took admission before me. To avoid the confusion they have added my father’s name with mine.

The boys in our college were so mischievous and fun loving. There was a custom that if at all they come to know about father’s name of any student, that’s it, finished. They will tease us to death and they will call us by mentioning our father’s name, like, son / daughter of so and so (thanks to vasool raja M.B.B.S. movie – Sambu mavane).

Also, in Tamilnadu there is no surname attached with one’s name. I was the odd one out from them who had father’s name with mine. Everyone used to call me mentioning my father’s name. Once I got so irritated and shouted at them not to call me like that. That’s when they started calling me Chandramouli.

My father worked in education department. Our college people asked him to give a speech on a meet at college. When the function was on, boys started shouting Chandramouli… My father was not aware of anything (anyhow that’s not his name) and went ahead with his speech. I ran out of the hall and laughed till my stomach ached. 

I recently watched this and it brought all these memory back and a wiiiiiiide grin on my face.


6 comments on “Chandramouli…. Mr. Chandramouli

  • WHoa, this post stirs quite a few emotions in me. My hubby’s name is Chandramouli…..So before I got married, my friends used to rag me to death with this Mr Chandramouli thing….

    And after marriage it’s now Mrs Chandramouli, Mrs Chandramouli…

    gah 😛

  • Ha ha. I can feel that. Due to some reason while shifting between schools during higher secondary time, my first name and last name got mixed up, and it’s been really annoying when people address me by my last name(fathers name). During attendance etc and to people personally I have to request them to call me by my name.

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