The Book I Want to Read…

Published February 23, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

…. is Agananuru. It’s a Tamil literature book. Though I cannot fully understand the ‘ilakkiya Tamil’, I just want to give a try. I have great love towards Tamil. I was the topper in Tamil subject in school. I hope you will not ask about other subjects, thank you.

I once heard writer Sujatha has written it in simple language. I am still searching for it. If anyone know where I can get the book, please let me know.

I want Bingo to talk in Tamil. She talks in English now (thanks to BD. hmpf) I don’t want her to miss reading awesome Tamil writings. Also, If you see my yesterday’s post, you can understand how we used to talk in our house (I mean my parent side). I lost all the fun in talking like that after marriage 😦 When I joke mentioning famous proverbs or movie dialogues in Tamil, BD used to blink at me. Likewise, when he says some idioms in Hindi, I blink at him. Sigh. 

Now, BD will not be in India for 2 months and I will be in Tamilnadu. Perfect time to change her language no? 😉 ~~stares at ceiling imagining Bingo reading Tirukkural~~

2 comments on “The Book I Want to Read…

  • good luck on that.. I also try to teach tamil to Adi.. Its one of my desire to introduce her to all those puranams, ilakiyams and seiyuls.. who can forget the ner ner thema and nirai ner pulima..
    Adi can now identify all tamil alphabets including uyrimei (preen look) and can read words..
    she also advanced much on spoken tamil after bring with Amma in recent times..

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