Conversation With My Brother…

Published February 22, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

…can never be serious. Here are some:

BM – Hey, today is your first day at work? What did you do? 

BMB – I logged in to my naukri account and searched for better job.

BM – @#$%


BMB – When did you buy this toaster? 

BM – Dei, that’s not toaster, that is sandwich maker.

BMB – Poova poovunum sollalam pushpamnum sollalam

BM – @#$%


BMB – Why did you give sambar with chapati for lunch?

BM – adei, adhu dhal da!

BMB – ennadhu? dhal-a? puli sadhathula muttaiya vacha adhu biryani ayiduma?

BM – @#$%


BM – I have heard your company bought a small company recently. What’s up?

BMB – mkum… sallisa kedaikudhunu vaangittan. Ippo paatha punnaku vikkiravan kundoosi vikkiravan ellam athula client-a irukkan. Enga meeting innikku pondy bazar-la irukka vaniga valaagathula schedule ayirukkunna pathukoyen.
BM – @#$%
BM – Dei, what’s your plan?

BMB – Local 30 paisa, 100 SMS free, STD 50 paisa

BM – @#$%


29 comments on “Conversation With My Brother…

  • LOL! Especially for the poo pushpam 😀 ipdi nallathor kudumbam palkalaikazhagam iruntha it would be total fun! I second greenboochi, u shd do another post. Actually u shd do a series 😀

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