Kids Says The Darndest Things

Published February 18, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

My friend G has a daughter, lets call her S. They are our neighbor. S and Bingo are friends. Either she comes to our place to play or the other way round. But, if at all any one them are sleeping or if we, mothers have some other work, we used to say the other kid is sleeping. 

Sometimes Bingo wants to go with them after the playtime at our house so, to avoid sending her there I used to say G and S are going to sleep. She will not ask anything after that.
Few days back G was here with S and later G’s husband (P) also joined us. We had tea together and they were at our place for almost one hour. While they were leaving Bingo started jumping that she wants to go to their place. I said no and came inside after closing the door. I told her, ‘we have to eat mammam now, you may go in the morning, not now’. She has this habit of repeating whatever we speak. She remembered our usual dialogue and told ‘I can’t go now, they are going to eat mammam and G is going to sleep with P (!!). I will go in the morning’. I burst into laugh and shared this with friend G later.

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