Published February 11, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Father to his son – I have kept a chocolate in your pencil box. Eat it during the break and don’t inform mamma (what is he teaching here?)

Group of aunties going towards temple:

Aunty 1 – Why are you walking so fast? Slow down.

Aunty 2 – Are you going to join the bajan that’s going on there?

Aunty 3 – No, I want to get the puliyogare before it finishes. (they laugh together)

In the beauty parlour (a girl aged around 14 to parlour lady) – I want to color string of my hair into blue.

Maid to another maid – The person whom I work for is re-locating to U.S. Let’s inform everyone (maids) about the house for rent .

Building security person on phone – It’s already 4 o’clock still I am waiting for my tea. Bring it fast I am on permission today. Should leave after drinking tea. (they serve free tea for them.)

Mom 1 – What happened to your daughter’s admission?

Mom 2 – We are ok with ‘A and B school, have to select between them.

Mom 1 – oh… ‘A’ school is the best. They have increased their fee for about 9% from last year. Will they do it without demand for them? You also opt for school A.

Some one might have eavesdropped this:

Librarian – You are Tamilian right?

BM – Yeah.

Librarian – Then you must be from Kerala.

BM – No, I am from Tamilnadu.

Librarian – oh.. yes, yes. I know, I know. My neighbor goes to Tamilnadu every year.

BM – Oh..is it ?

Librarian – Yes, he is a hard core Iyappa devotee and he visits Sabarimala in Tamilnadu every year.

BM – !!


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