Holiday Plan

Published February 6, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

No, I am not going to visit any holiday destination but, I am going to Tamilnadu. BD is travelling to USA during March and will be back on May. We are skipping Bingo’s school for a month 😦 I should talk to her teacher and should inform the same. They have scheduled a PTM at the end of March. Also, I have to inform her that we are changing Bingo’s school from Nursery. I am bit embarrassed to tell this as Bingo’s teacher is so sweet 🙂

Anyways, now I have to plan to use my groceries within a month and many other things. This time also I am going to travel alone with Bingo but, now that I am experienced, I am not worrying about that except, of course, loo visit in train 😦 Friend G suggested to wrap Bingo’s potty seat with cling wrapper and use it in train. Later we can trash the wrapper. Let’s see.

BD is going to visit his sister, who is in UK, while coming back. I want to send her something so, I have to do shopping. Then I have to make a list of things which BD should get from his trip 😉 Any suggestions??


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