Bingo’s Story Telling Skill

Published February 5, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo’s school issues news letters every month with what they did last month, what they planned to do next month, list of holidays etc. I saw they have mentioned story telling event on 5th February. I was telling BD that someone might come to their school to tell stories.

Day before yesterday I got a note from school asking parents to prepare their kids to tell story and they have mentioned it will be for nursery, PP1 and PP2. I was making fun saying what will happen if they ask playgroup kids to tell story.

Yesterday I got a note which asked us to send the story, which our kid is going to tell, in a paper to help them in case if they forget. What?? Which means Bingo has to practice a story within half-a-day! I decided I am not doing this, I mean, I am not going to push her. I asked Bingo which story she likes. She told Rama and Sita one. Then I asked her to tell the story. She told like this:

“Rama and Sita went there and there and there… Sita saw a golden deer and they said hello deer, good morning deer, how are you deer, bye bye, good night deer”.

I was laughing very hard and I asked her to say it again. She actually wanted to tell this story:

She now remembers all the stories that we read and the videos she watches. She can complete the sentence if we stop in middle. For example, if I say Noddy and Bumpy were having a ‘_____’ she completes it with ‘lovely time playing fetch!’ It was fun to watch her telling stories and at time she pretends to read books on her own. I already started imagining about visiting libraries together 🙂


9 comments on “Bingo’s Story Telling Skill

  • Super cute… It is always fun to hear stories from kids.Once my cousin told our niece a story about two cows “Meenatchi and Kamatchi”. When I asked niece to tell me a story , she said the same except that the cows names were “Meenatchi and Maanatchi”. 🙂

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