We Bought a Sofa Set

Published February 3, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I wanted to buy a sofa set when we moved in to our current house. Our previous house was so small that if we put sofa in living room, then we have to walk on top of that to cross the room. We were happy with our nilkamal chairs. You can stalk them, you see, in case if you want more space.

Anyways, I saw an advertisement in our apartment mail group that someone is selling their sofa as they are moving out to other state. It looked good and I pinged BD with the photo. We had discussions, visits to see the sofa, bargaining, transportation and finally it came to our house.

Bingo had a nice time jumping on it 🙄 here is the picture:


Now I am thinking of getting a rug to go with it (please don’t tell this to BD otherwise he will send the sofa back). I went to G’s place (next door) to tell we have a surprise for them and they surprised us with their newly bought fish pot. We are perfect friends, no? 😛 Later, we had this conversation:

BM: Let’s celebrate this with pizza for dinner.

BD: You prepare at home.

BM: You get me an oven.

BD: You prepare in cooker.

BM: @#$!%*&.,.


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