I Had A Dream

Published February 1, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I met Maya, Tharani, SS, RM, GB, Pepper, Ani and Seema.

Surprised?? Don’t be, because I met them in my dream 😛 It was terrific. I guess I was so mad at blogathon and I didn’t realise blogathon will hit me this hard 🙂

So, this happened yesterday. Bingo & I had a nap in afternoon and I had this dream of people visiting my place. Please excuse grammar mistakes, after all this is a dream sequence. Here it goes,

I am taking Bingo for evening walk and I see 2 kids cycle which has only wheel and handle bar but both looks alike. I cross the cycle thinking of Ammu & Kuttan and I see Maya coming with them towards the cycle. I am grinning soooo wide showing all my teeth and our conversation goes like this:

BM: I didn’t expect we will meet this way.

Maya: Hey, good to see you. Which block are you in?
BM: Come come, I ‘ll take you to my house.

Inside my house (now people will start appearing suddenly):

Maya: ok, let’s play pallankuzhi.

BM: BD, can you please take care of the kids? You may play puzzle with them.

Maya: Let me go to my house and bring nail polish.

BM: Oh, wait. I have a gift for Ammu. (goes inside and brings a frock)

SS: I want the frock…. I want the frock (jumps on the bed)

Tharani (shouts): Don’t jump. It will break. Get down now.

RM: Yeh SS bhi na, bachon ki tarah natak karti hai. SS, take this one. I got this for R but I didn’t use it. It looks so jinthak to me. Take this and give that to Ammu.

SS grabs the frock from RM and dances.

Then suddenly we all started talking on top of our voice. My grandma comes inside and scolds me for making so much noise and asks me to give something to eat to everyone. 

I am preparing something in the kitchen and I find there is no plate to serve them. GB comes inside and handing over her hand painted plates. I ask her to draw winnie picture for Bingo. She asks for water colors and I am telling her to get it from Adi.

I am asking everyone what they want – tea or coffee? Pepper goes to Mint and asks, ‘tu abhi coffee kudega?’ then tells me everyone wants tea. Kids came running to me and asks for snack and I tell them to wait for sometime as Seema aunty is bringing Barbie cake.

RM calls us from rest room and tells she could not open the nada of her pant. Maya instructs me to hold one side of nada and I am clutching the nada so tight. Bingo kicks me on my nose and it hurts so much. She asks for milk.

I woke up here.

Bingo really kicked on my nose, that’s why I woke up and I am holding the string of my razai cover thinking that is nada. After waking up it was totally ‘naan-enga-irukken’ moment. I feel as if I fell from somewhere and then I went ahead shaking my head and with a wide grin on my face.

I thought I would forget about this dream after sometime so immediately wrote on a paper.


I feel little scared of that dream now but, I am really happy that I met everyone 😉


24 comments on “I Had A Dream

  • OMG… I am laughing like a fool BM.I was about to say something on how you pictured me but when I read Bingo kicked on your nose I forgot everything else..hahahahahaha
    See how your brain has connected all relevant things together. I am amazed !
    Super cute you are 😀

  • oh my God! you seriously had a dream..and just because my nada got stuck once doesnt mean it will always get stuck da :):) and I will never give R’s frock to SS…I will just buy SS a new one eh?

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