Moments from My Life – BM 28

Published January 28, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Rolling on the floor moment: When watching Rahul’s over-hyped interview, especially when he told he is reporting to Prime Minister.

Total Shock Moment: When I put Bingo on my lap to make her sleep, (this I have not done in the recent past), she touched my breast and told I want mummy mammam.

Face palm moment: When my maid told she liked Chennai Express movie very much and asked whether Komban village is near to my place. 

Heart-less mother moment: When Bingo refused to eat dinner I put her on bed to sleep, without cajoling or pushing her to eat.

Shameless lady moment: When I was waiting to pick up Bingo, I was eavesdropping to mommies who were complaining about school/husband/MIL/weather/kids.

Sooperappu Moment: When the person who looted Tanishq Jewellery told the media that, he is frustrated with the way politicians loot the country and he thinks he is far better than them.

Sirippu Police moment: With regards to above case, police said some professional thief might have done this as they sprinkled chilli powder all over – ada ponga sir, gilli padam paatha ellarukkum intha technique theriyum. 



20 comments on “Moments from My Life – BM 28

  • Nice one 🙂 Sooperappu Moment : nachu vechan oru aapu ..I read about this incident, but getting to know that he even voiced his opinion this way from here :)..Hey, eavesdropping is not our fault yaar, its how we are made of, ie, the ears and its function na 🙂

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