20 Things About Me – BM 27

Published January 27, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

1. I have a big mole on my face. My friends calls me ‘macha kanni’.

2. I like lefties.

3. My mom side family believes I am the most talented among them and my in-law side believes otherwise.

4. My zodiac sign is Gemini and I share my birthday with Marilyn Monroe. 

5. My brother thinks I am his role model (or so I think)

6. Once I was offered a small role in ‘Chithi’ serial (no, not for second heroine but for a role of receptionist)

7. I like surprises. 

8. My father wanted me to become a teacher.

9. I strongly believed in arranged marriage during my teen-age but I helped many friends for their love.

10. I loved actress Amala when I was young, and later I totally forgot about her. I remembered her only after coming to Hyderabad.


for remaining 10 points please visit here 😉 




18 comments on “20 Things About Me – BM 27

  • mole on face? I had a small mole on my face and removed it during college days by electrolysis and I have a mole on the white part of one of my eye.
    wow you got an offer to act? kewl..
    you are June born? my bro and M are also June born..

      • I did it in a parlour at once existed apollo sindoori hotel’s parlour at greams road. I don’t know if other parlours do it. you may enquire at some good parlours. They removed the mole with current. there was scar for few months and eventually vanished after all these years,,

  • Hey Bingo, then you’ll like me, because though I write with my right hand, I do pretty much everything from brushing my teeth to sweeping………. with my left hand only. I am confident of doing anything only with my left hand 🙂 🙂

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