Dialect Confusion – BM 26

Published January 26, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I don’t know how many of you can understand this post but still …. 🙂

When I was reading Ani’s post, I remembered an incident that happened two years back. I was at my sister’s place. That was the day before I left to Hyderabad from Chennai after Bingo’s birth. Mean while here, in Hyderabad, BD along with my in-laws shifted our house. 


BM (over the phone from Chennai) – I am doing shopping here. Should I buy anything for the house (it was only 2 days after they moved to new house). 

MIL (from Hyderabad) – umm… yes we need to buy utensil stand and curtain for the window near main entrance. If possible get it from there otherwise we will buy it here. 

BM – Ok, how big is the window?

MIL – (told some measurement)

BM – Which color should I get?

MIL – As you wish but, make sure it’s a ‘madi’ curtain.

BM – slightly confused but said ok.


What my MIL meant – folding curtain

What I understood – cloth curtain, so that it can be washed if some ‘theendal’ happen. You know this ‘madi’ ‘aacharam’ stuff. ~Facepalm~


Republic Day special 🙂




8 comments on “Dialect Confusion – BM 26

  • Very heart touching songs..we were In delhi on republic day this year… And in kashmir we saw jawans really being send off by their family.. Salute to them…compared to them what we do and all is nothing..

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