Updates on Bingo-2 – BM 24

Published January 24, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Updates on Bingo – 1 is here

  1. She can tell our flat number and BD’s mobile number.

  2. She has become very possessive towards me.

  3. She likes laddu. So, atta, besan and moong dhal laddus are being prepared in regular intervals at our house.

  4. She talks A LOT.

  5. She  will tell everything that happened in her school once she comes back, which I like.

  6. Her phulka should be (almost) dipped in ghee.

  7. She still likes to go out.

  8. She likes BD more than me. duh. girls.

  9. She started ordering us. ‘Don’t pull my hand’, ‘Don’t touch my shoes, I will wear it’ etc.

  10. Sometimes she tells things like this: ‘Daddy careful, walk slowly’. ‘Mummy, don’t run you will get hurt’.

Leaving you with a photo.




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