Apartment Mail Group – BM 23

Published January 23, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I am writing this after reading Maya’s post.

Our complex has 14 blocks and 2000 houses. There is a group in google where residents are members and moderated by someone who is a resident too. There is a separate group for ladies as well (I still wonder why). 

On an average we receive 40 mails per day.

Sales Mail: You can find a variety of products here. Some of the funny things I came across:

– rarely used (!!) potty seat for toddler.

– dining table because kid is playing hide seek with it.

– Paradise veg. biryani (family pack).

DON’Ts Mail:

– Do not pluck flowers (there are heated arguments on this. One person suggested Gandhian way of sending flowers at free of cost to whoever is plucking it from common area.)

– Do not horn inside premise (this is from the people who are residing near the gate)

– Do not walk on the road, use only pedestrian path (this is from those who cannot have control over their driving)

– Do not ask your maid to use common lift.

Who-is-bigger mails:

This is a very interesting thread among all. I always read this with something to eat. Total entertainment. People will boast about themselves and challenge others to face them if they have guts. These are the threads in which moderator should jump in to close the discussion.

Change your e-mail ID mail:

There is this person who asked moderator to include him in the group, for which, moderator asked him to give different mail ID because, his mail ID is XYZ.darling@123.com (his wife’s id). People jumped in and discussed for 2 days and someone told, as long as you are not worrying about getting mails starting with ‘Dear Darling’ it should be fine. 

Otherwise, it’s a very useful group, seriously. We get to know about more information, it acts as a Wikipedia sometimes. We can ask any help and there are hundreds of people to help you immediately. You can get advises, review of places, restaurants, movies etc. you can share a cab, you can sell or buy things.

We come to know about culture and customs of other state people. People invites everyone for their family functions. Some one shared excess ‘seem paal’ (first milk after cow gave birth to calf) with whoever wanted. Some one donated his management books to prospective students. Some one invited a person to his house on Ramzan day to have biryani with them only because few days back he inquired about pointers to buy authentic biryani in Hyderabad. There are so many incidents like this.

Like I once said to my MIL, it acts as a neighbor, with whom we can have a talk, get information / help etc. 🙂




12 comments on “Apartment Mail Group – BM 23

  • woww sharing “seem paal”.. find a house for me there right now I say!
    I love “seem paal”.. last I had was at my mama’s house during those school summer vacations when patti’s cow gave birth to calf..

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